Comen AED Defibrillator Monitor S5/S8 with ECG, RESP, Thermal Printer

As the most important part of CPR, time is the key for defibrillator monitor. Therefore, S8 abandons complex operation and improve convenience and efficiency for rescue. 3 steps, fulfill defibrillating operation (Energy selection–Charging–Discharging).



Standard Accessories
Reusable 3-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable and Wire (Integrative)/Anti-Defibrillation/IEC
Disposable Electrodes for Adult(pack), 12pcs/pack
Recorder Paper,80mm×20m
Defibrillation Extension Cable (without AED pads)
AED test load
Operation guide
User Manual
Power Cord
Optional Accessories
Defibrillation Extension Cable/CM3905 (connect to the Disposable Defibrillation electrode pads)
Disposable Defibrillation electrode pads(adult)/SKINTACT/DF20N
Disposable Defibrillation electrode pads(Ped)/SKINTACT/DF31G
Reusable Defibrillation Paddles(Adult/Ped ) (Additional)
12-Lead ECG(12-Lead ECG board+ 12-Lead ECG Cable)
SpO2 SET(Extension Cable + Adult  Reusable SpO2 Sensor + Comen SpO2 Module)
Nellcor SET(Extension Cable+Adult Nellcor Reusable SpO2 Sensor+Nellcor Module)
SunTech NIBP(Mini) Module with 1 set Accessories(Disposable Neo Cuff 1#~4#)
Dual-IBP module with accessories kit(module*1+ interface cable*2 + Disposable transducer *2)
Ground Wire/Type A
Defibrillator Trolley
Lithium Battery 7500mAh
Inverter(12V to 220V)
Recorder Paper, 80mmĂ—20m
S8 Packet
S8 Ambulance fixing bracket (It used together with S8 Packet)
S8 Ambulance fixing bracket (It can’t used together with S8 Packet)