EDAN 12-lead 12.1 inch touch screen portable X12 monitor NIBP Temp CO2 RESP SPO2 ECG

Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters, and stunning ultra-slim design, the X series fulfills your primary clinical requirements in various scenarios, including Emergency Rooms, General Wards, Rehabilitation Department, Cardiac Units, and In-hospital Transfer, covering all patient types, realizing from neonatal to adult monitoring.



Standard Parameters:

  • 3/5-lead ECG, RESP, EDAN SpO2,
  • EDAN NIBP, TEMP (X8 : 1-TEMP, X10/X12: 2-TEMP)

Optional Parameters:

  • 6/12-lead ECG, IBP (X10, X12 : 2-IBP),
  • C.O. (X12), EDAN G2 CO2


  • Customizable 6-lead placement for more ECG waves.
  • Automatic lead type detection.
  • Industry leading iSEAPTM¬†algorithm with auto-detection of 33 types of arrhythmias.
  • SEMIP¬ģ algorithm with 208 ECG findings over age/gender diversities.


  • Dual dust filter design makes no blockage inside and provides accurate NIBP readings.
  • Unique cleaning mode for routine maintenance.
  • iCUFSTM¬†algorithm with smart deflation technology.


  • iMATTM¬†algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance.
  • Reference reading of Perfusion Index (PI) from 0 to 10 according to perfusion changes.
  • Simultaneous measurements of SpO2 and NIBP of the same limb.