EDAN 15″ HD Monitor portable Acclarix AX3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System with 120G SSD

Alone with the unique dual – sockets inspiration in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable Acclarix AX3 Compact Ultrasound System delivers a surprising combination of features to meet the demands of point-of-care imaging. The Acclarix AX3 has been design from the relentless focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost effect price to each sonographer.



Distinctive Design

  1. 6-inch LCD medical monitor with high resolution and 180-degree open angle
  2. 1-inch sensitive touch screen releasing efficient operation at fingertip
  3. Lightweight magnesium alloy body at 4.5 kg, offering stunning user experience

Intelligent Workflow

  1. eOptimized — One key optimization in different modes
  2. PW auto trace — One key in automatic measurement
  3. High capacity storage with USB transfer
  4. eTouch — Efficient ‘Swipe’ gesture control
  5. Innovative user interface layout with accurate function division
Standard accessories:
AC-DC adapter
Power Cord (EUR Standard)
Flash Disk (Netac,4G, USB2.0 Protocol)
Ultrasound Gel(CE Mark, 250g)[*CE+CA+BA*]
Acclarix AX3 Series Basic User Manual_English
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (14.4V, 6800mAh)
Acclarix AX3 Series Quick Guide_English
Acclarix AX3 Series Advanced User Manual_English
Convex array transducer:C5-2Q
Phased array transducer: P5-1Q
Endocavity array transducer:E8-4Q
Linear array transducer: L17-7HQ
Linear array transducer: L17-7SQ
Micro convex array transducer:MC8-4Q
Phased array transducer: P7-3Q
Micro convex array transducer:MC9-3TQ
3D/4D Mechanical curved transducer:C6-2MQ
Convex array transducer:C5-1Q
Endocavity array transducer:E10-3HQ
Endocavity array transducer:E10-3BQ
Linear array transducer: L12-5HQ
Phased array transducer: P7-3Q
Linear array transducer: L12-5Q
Linear array transducer: L12-5WQ