Joymi High Flow Heated Breathing Circuit Tube with Water Chamber for HFNC Oxygen Therapy

The Heated Wire Breathing Circuit is an indispensable part of High Flow Humidified Oxygen Delivery Device, which allows air and oxygen mixed gas to achieve optimal temperature and humidity and transmit to patients, thereby making high flow oxygen therapy more effective, and can greatly enhance patients Comfort and tolerance.




Heated TubingInternal Diameter: 19mm, total length 1.8m
Compatible Humidifer SystemFisher&Paykel Airvo2, Comen NF5, Micomme Sepray OH-70C/B
Humidifer ChamberReinforced heated plant of 0.6 mm thickness, avoiding out of shape, and smooth tecnology increases heating rate
Intended UseThe tubing is only used in conjunction with the heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device produced by our

Raw materials or formulation

Nasal: Silica gel

Tube: TPE

Oxygen Inlet: PP

Elastic: Nylon

Collar Clip: PP

Fixed Rope: Nylon

Storage Condition: Under normal temperature and in dry ventilated place