Joymi High Flow Nasal Cannula for HFNC Oxygen Therapy

Medmi High Flow Nasal Cannula is designed to provide moist and warm treatment gas for patients in order to maximize the comfort of patients with multi-brand high flow therapy device.





Part No.SizeNostril SpacingPackage
ZY-10-006Small10±0.5 mm25 pcs
ZY-10-004Medium13.5±0.8 mm25 pcs
ZY-10-005Large18±0.8 mm25 pcs

Instruction for use

  1. Connect the nasal cannula to the high flow oxygen therapy equipment.
  2. Confirm there is oxygen inhalation from the nasal prong.
  3. Adjust the fixed rope, hang it around the patient’s neck.
  4. Place the elastic cord on the back of the patient’s head, adjust the position, and ensure to put the nasal prong at thecomfortable position of the nostril.
  5. Put the clip onto the patient’s collar.
  6. Adjust the position and tension of the elastic cord, ensure to connect tightly.