Joymi portable color doppler ultrasound system P60

A brand-new ultrasound diagnostic platform with Innovations in areas of digital electronics achieve a new level of ultrasound diagnostic precision and higher diagnostic confidence. A revolutionary workflow control is provided with the user-centric architecture of the new software platform.



Size and weight
Machine size:37cm(width) *36cm(height) * 15cm(thickness)
Package size: 46cm ×46cm × 31cm
Machine weight : 8.4kg
Weight including package :12kg(machine + 2 probes + packing)
15-inch, high resolution, progressive scan, Wide Angle of view
Resolution:1024*768 pixels
Image display area is 640*480
Probe available
3C6C: 3.5MHz/R60/128,Convex array probe
7L4C: 7.5MHz/L38mm/128,Convex array probe
10L25C: 10MHz/25mm/128,Convex array probe
6E1C: 6.5MHz/R10/128,EndocavityConvex array probe
6C15C: 6.5MHz/R15/128,Micro convex array probe
3C20C: 3.5MHz/R20/128,Micro convex array probe
★6E1C: 6.5MHz/R10/128,Endocavity Convex array probe for Visual abortion
★6I7C: 6MHz/L64mm/128,Intra rectal Linear array probe
★2P2F:2.7MHz/L16mm/64 Phased arrayprobe
★5P2F:5.0MHz/L10mm/64 Phased arrayprobe
Imaging modes
B-mode: Fundamental and Tissue harmonic imaging
Color Flow Mapping (Color)
★B/BC Dual Real-Time
Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)
PW Doppler
Standard configuration
Host(Built-in 500G hard disk)
3C6C convex array probe
7L4C linear array probe
User’s Manual
Power cable
Optional Accessories
6E1C EndocavityConvex probe
6I7C IntrarectalLinear probe
6C15C、3C20C Micro convex probe
2P2F、5P2F Phased arrayprobe
USB report printer
B/W or color Video printer
Puncture rack
Foot switch
U disk and USB extension line