SonoScape Obesteric Gynecology 3D/4D Diagnostic Color Doppler Trolley Ultrasound System P20

Incorporating innovative technologies, P20’s user-friendly designed with a simple operation panel, intuitive user interface and a variety of intelligent auxiliary scanning tools, will significantly improve your daily examination experience. Besides general imaging applications, P20 has entitled with diagnostic 4D technology which has an extraordinary performance in obstetrics and gynecology applications.



Upgraded Images with More Clarity

SonoScape never stop making progress in improving the image quality of its ultrasound products to enhance the confidence of diagnosis for doctors. With extraordinary images provided by P20, the anatomy structures are clearer than ever.

P20 Main Unit
21.5″ Medical High Resolution Monitor
13.3″ High Resolution Touch Screen
Height Adjustable and Rotatable Operation Panel
Extended Keyboard
Five Transducer Ports (Four Active + One Parking)
One Pencil Transducer Port
WiFi & ECG Module
Hard Disk 1TB
B (2B & 4B) Mode
M Mode
Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Power Doppler Imaging / Directional Power Doppler Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging
Continuous Wave Doppler Imaging
High Pulse Repetition Frequency
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Tissue Specific Imaging
Simultaneous mode (Triplex)
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
Spatial Compound Imaging
LGC (Lateral Gain Compensation)
μ-Scan (2D Speckle Reduction Technology)
Zoom ( Pan-Zoom / HD-Zoom )
Scr-Zoom ( One-Key Full Screen Display )
Image Rotation
Trapezoid Imaging
Widescan: Convex Extended
B Mode Panoramic Imaging
VIS-Needle (Needle Visualization Enhancement)
Biopsy Guide
Auto Trace
Auto NT
Auto IMT
Auto EF
TEI  Index
One-Key Optimization (Auto Optimization for 2D / Color / PW)
DICOM 3.0: Store / C-Store / Worklist / MPPS / Print / SR / Q&R
Linear Array L741
Linear Array L742
Linear Array L752
Linear Array 12L-A
Linear Array 12L-B
Convex Array 3C-A
Convex Array C1-6
Convex Array C613
Phased Array 3P-A
Phased Array 7P-B
Phased Array S1-5
Endocavity 6V1
Endocavity 6V3
Endocavity 6V3A ( Must be configured with Vaginal Dilator )
Endocavity 6V7
Biplane BCL10-5
Volumetric Convex Array VC6-2
Volumetric Endocavity VE9-5
Linear Array 10I2
Linear Array 12LI-A
Linear Array 12LT-A
Convex Array 6CI-A
Convex Array 6CT-A
Phased Array Transesophageal MPTEE
Laparoscope Linear Array LAP7