Vericare portable Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine VA1200 for animal use

Vericare delivery high precious veterinary anaesthesia equipment system . It is suitable for animal hospital, pet clinic and animal laboratory. This technical index of animal anaesthesia machine can meet the needs of general anesthesia and medical research on mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, sheep and other animals in animal laboratory.


Technical Specification

Application0.5-100kg animal
Ventilation modeClosed,half-closed,half-open
Tidal volume10-2000ml
Oxygen source pressure0.25~0.65Mpa
Airway pressure scope030~60CMH2O
Flow Control0-4L/min
Oxygen Flush35L/min~75L/min
Pop adjust scopeDirects the waste anesthetic gas from the machine to a scavenging
system. In the completely open position, the pop-off valve will
release pressure at 2 cm H2O, while maintain a constant passive
volume in the breathing bags.
Inspiration impedance≦0.6Kpa
Expiration impedance≦0.6Kpa
Absorption tank capacity700ml
MonitoringAirway pressure,Gas source pressure monitoring
I:EAs doctor need
BPMAs doctor need