Vericare portable Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine VA1300 for animal use

Vericare delivery high precious veterinary anaesthesia equipment system . It is suitable for animal hospital, pet clinic and animal laboratory. This technical index of animal anaesthesia machine can meet the needs of general anesthesia and medical research on mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, sheep and other animals in animal laboratory.


Technical Specification

Ventilation modeOpen,Closed,half-closed,half-open
Drive modePneumatic
Application0.5-100kg anima
Anesthesia VaporizerIsoflurane,Sevoflurane,Halothane
Oxygen Flush25L/min~75L/min
Gas source pressureOxygen 0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
TrolleyHigh-quality aluminum alloy profile, with storage frame and
special interface for exhaust gas emission
FlowmeteOxygen flow meter for animals, Scale range:0~5L/min
Sodium Lime Tank Capacity500ml-700ml
Concentration scopeIsofluraneļ¼š0.2%~5%
Flow rate scope0.2L/min~15L/min
Anesthetic capacityDry :340ml Wet :300ml
Mounting typeSelectatec or Cagemout
Pressure support5-60cmH2O
Flow trigger0.5-20L/min
Pressure trigger-1-20cmH2O
PSV Inspiratory terminal level25%
MonitoringTidal volume, breathing rate, Spontaneous breathing rate, I:E, Spontaneous minute ventilation volumeļ¼ŒMinute ventilation peak airway pressure, Average airway pressure, PEEP, Inspiratory platform pressure, FIO2
Alarm parametersTidal volume, Minute ventilation volume, Frequency, Airway pressure, Continuous airway pressure, Negative pressure alarm, Apnea alarm, Air supply pressure failure alarm, Power supply alarm, Low battery alarm, Battery exhaustion alarm, Oxygen battery failure alarm, FIO2(optional), FICO2(optional)
Power supply220VĀ±10%,50HZĀ±1%