Vericare Veterinary vital sign monitor JM-12

Serving as both multi-parameter module monitors and transport monitor, JM-12 provides a comprehensive and seamless monitoring solution for animals, connecting ambulatory cares to intensive cares.


Product Highlights:

  • 12.1 inch full-touch color LCD with high resolution dislplay 1024*768
  • Wide application for different animals and pets
  • No Fan mute design
  • Consistent and accurate temperature-drift feature in blood pressure performance
  • Sensitive and accurate blood oxygen saturation and weak perfusion performance
  • ECG digital filtering process with anti-interference of defibrillator, electrosurgical device.
  • Built-in lithium battery power supply for long working timeWi-Fi connection and remote monitoring

Product Features:

  • Multiple display interface
  • Easy operation with touch screen 
  • 12-Channel waveform display on screen
  • Network upgrade for system software
  • 5 hour continuous working time with battery
  • Optional EtCO2, 2-IBP, EEG, CSM